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Hey, I'm Matt Rapati and this is my personal blog. I'm a full-stack web developer who lives in Toronto, Canada. My focus is on frontend development, and I have a have a lot of interest in design, ui/ux, and accessibility.

Besides programming and web developer I'm also interested in art, music, cooking, skateboarding, snowboarding, video games, science, and photography. Which means that you'll find posts here on a wide variety of topics!

You can follow me on Twitter, or drop me a message at matt@hamburgersandwich.com. For business inquiries you can also find me on LinkedIn.

If you're wondering why the name "Hamburger Sandwich", it's because one day many years ago I randomly checked if this domain was available, and it was. So I bought it and now it's my blog domain!

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Matt Rapati

Written by Matt Rapati who lives and works in Toronto building apps, drawing comics and tweeting.

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