Projects & Stuff

Here's some stuff that I have done that I'd like to share 🎃

  • Starmemory

    Starmemory is a web app designed to help anyone track whatever they want! It's aimed at personal use in the interest of finding patterns in your life. Helps keep you accountable, give a sense of satisfaction, and keep a historical account of progress. But you could use it to track anything you'd like! Built with React and Firebase.

  • Ghosthugs

    Ghosthugs is the name of my game jam team. We try to make cute little games at weekend game jams for fun and the experience! You can download some of the jam games on

  • Any Wizard

    A twitter bot that tweets our random wizard images and descrption once a day. Built with Python 3. It's generated almost 4000 wizards so far!

  • Conway's Game of Life in React

    Conway's Game of Life built with React. This was made as a test to see how React could handle the amount of DOM updates needed for this game. It's old, but it's still a work in progress.

  • Logo Design

    Coming Soon!

    I have a bit of a logo obsession. I love analyzing and critiquing them. So I like to try making my own sometimes too!

  • Comics & Doodles

    Coming Soon!

    Check out my doodles and comics.

  • Paintings

    Coming Soon!

    Sometimes I paint things.

  • Photography

    Coming Soon!

    I like taking photos wherever I go. This is a sample of some of my favourites.

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